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    Dating Tips For The Plus-Size Woman

    Plus size women can also find true love. There are a lot of men who are attracted to plus size women.

    It is said that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. Well, I'm here to tell you that while that may be the case, Venus has always been separated into two hemispheres: the skinny half, and the big half. Yes, Virginia, big girls are treated differently. On the first date, the second date, the umpteenth date. For reasons only known to Mother Earth herself, the rules of dating generally do not apply to heavy set women like me. While there are some rules and tips that remain universal, there are some that apply only to the big girl. It has become imperative that she know that what men like in skinny girls, they usually hate in big girls. In the interest of sharing my dating experiences, I have put together a few tips for the big girl putting herself out in the world of dating, as well as a couple of universal tips for her skinny sidekick, her Wing Woman'. Keep in mind, these can change, and usually will it's been my experience that the average modern male is more hormonally unbalanced than most women.

    Tip #1: Men do NOT like a woman who knows how to eatunless she's skinny.

    Let's be real. Most plus-sized woman can cook. In turn, most plus-sized women like to eat. Unfortunately, society says Skinny girls that can cook and love to eat are called foodies. Heavy girls who can cook and love to eat are called pigs'. I'm definitely not saying to bow to the nonsense about skinnier being prettier. But the truth is, men will smile when they see a petite flower polish off a 12 oz. steak and all the trimmings. They will cringe when a big girl does it. Point blank, don't starve yourself, but by no means match his appetite.

    Tip #2: Say nothing.

    This instantly makes me think of the scene in my favorite movie The 40-Year Old

    Virgin'. The scene where Cal tells Andy that all he has to do is ask questions. Be kind of a jerk. The truth is, this applies to men!

    Tip #3: Be Coy.

    This is one of the more universal tips to dating, forboth big and petite. A standard One Size Fits All' rule, if you will. I've heard men say they love a woman who's not afraid to talk about sex. Don't fall for it! They want to hear you talk about sexthat's the alarm sounding that they can get a woman into bed.

    Tip #4: Be Confident.

    It's easy to feel like the hippopotamus in a river full of swans when going on a date, especially in restaurants, and places with small seating.

    Tip #5: Enjoy walking.

    It's much more impressive to suggest walking from the restaurant to the club.

    As a big girl, I feel like guys are more impressed when they see I'm up to hoofing it just as much as they are.

    Tip #6: Give up trying to appear skinny.

    You know those tips you read in those newsstand magazines, the ones that tell you what color to wear to appear slimmer? Forget them! These were designed for the skinny girl, the ones with the teeny little pouches on their midsection that can be eliminated with five crunches and a week of salad.

    Tip #7: Don't drink him under the table.

    It's a known fact that big girls get drunk a lot slower than the skinnier girl, even the average guy. Pace yourself, and if you're not tipsier than he is at the end of the night, act like it. His ego will remain in tact, and heyhe'll never know that you absolutely were in your right mind when you say Goodnight' without inviting him in. He'll just walk away thinking you're someone he can't take advantage of. And that's a good thing, right?

    Tip #8: Be smartbut not too smart.

    In defense of men in the dating world nowadays, dating a plus-sized woman can be intimidating. In the same respect, dating a smart woman can be intimidating. Now can you imagine an intelligent plus-sized woman. A beautiful, full figured woman with too many curves for any man to handle, plus a strong head on her shoulders?

    Look out now!

    Tip #9: Expect the worst.

    It's a bit pessimistic, but if you expect the worst (or rather, the typical) in a man, you'll never be disappointed. And if you're proved wrong, the surprise will be that much more pleasant.

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