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What's Your Referral Asking Style?

Do you bite the bullet? Beat around the bush? Scream incoherently and hang up? (don't do that last one, it scares Learners) This quiz will help you discover your style, and give tips on how to ask without sounding like your creepy friend that's always asking you to set her up on a blind date.

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  1. You walk into a big meeting late! Where do you sit?

    An open chair closest to the door
    A seat somewhere in the back of the room
    Wherever I damn well please
  2. You notice your boss has leftover lettuce in his teeth from his lunch at Subway. Do you:

    Suggest he check a mirror
    Tell him "You have food in your teeth"
    Not notice because you were looking at Reddit and you just don't notice those kinds of things, also, who looks at their boss's teeth?
  3. A graduating learner calls in. After you answer their questions, you are most likely to say:

    "Thanks for calling in, is there anything else I can help you with?"
    "Now that you're graduating, do you know anyone that's looking to start a program with Capella?"
    "Will you be having anyone attend commencement with you?"
  4. A learner calls in STEAMING MAD! Once they take a breath, you say:

    inside out, Pixar
    "Wow I hear you. Do you know anyone that is looking to obtain a degree at Capella right now?"
    "Wow I hear you, that's not the experience we want you to have. How can I help?"
    "Wow, your head is on fire - I mean, I'm sorry to hear that sir/madam. What exactly is the problem?
  5. When asking for referrals, what is it that makes you feel uncomfortable?

    It feels like I'm asking for money or learners don't like it when I ask
    I honestly just forget to ask and feel out of practice
    I'm not that uncomfortable asking for referrals

What's Your Referral Asking Style?

You got: You're Straight to the Point!

Whether the learner is escalated or having a lovely experience, you don't shy away from a possible referral! You have an impressive talent. TIPS: Make sure to read the situation before you jump straight to asking; sometimes Learners can be turned off by a direct approach.

You're Straight to the Point!
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You got: You're Cautious!

You have every intention of asking for a referral, but sometimes feel it's inappropriate or are uncomfortable doing so. That's totally fair! And good on you for knowing when it's the right time to ask, and when it may not be. TIPS: Look at the list of transitional phrases that have been/will be sent out to you. Try using at least 1 for every 3 conversations you have. Phrases like, "Share your success!" "Have any good study buddies?" "Any of your coworkers jealous of you obtaining your goals?" You know, normal stuff.

You're Cautious!
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You got: You're Clueless!

What? We should be asking for Referrals? You're a forgetful one, but never fear! So is your Buzzfeed quiz creator! You always mean to ask, and have great conversations where you could have, but you honestly just forget. TIPS: Keep visual reminders around yourself to look at during calls, or reward yourself every time you remember with a sticker on the board by Chad's desk!

You're Clueless!
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