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13 Reasons Your Kid Self Would Freak TF Out Over TV Today

Oh sweet, dumb, younger you. If you only knew the TV promised land that lies ahead...

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1. Because watching live TV on mobile devices is like your butler, Chauncey, carrying your TV set everywhere for you.

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"A little to the left, Chauncey. There's a glare."

2. Because now you can get the channels you want, which means never begging Zack to watch cartoons at his house again.

The Lego Group / Via

You don't even really like Zack, but his parents are lawyers, so he has all the channels.

3. Because HD screens would literally make you feel like you're hallucinating.

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"How did you get the picture to look like this?!! WTF position are the rabbit ears even in?!?"

5. Because original programming on TV right now is so damn good.

Thinkstock, Showtime

This maybe shouldn't be said to someone who only has five channels to choose from, but it's almost too many options.

10. Because the first time you watch TV on your tablet, you'll make this face: / Via

Oh, and you'll have a thing called a "tablet" that you carry around and use for everything. But that's a different post.

11. Because having a TV connected to the internet means you can read reviews and watch trailers of new shows before committing your binge time to them.

12. With features like "Catch Up," you'll never miss an episode of your fave show, even if you forget to set the DVR.

13. Because now your favorite TV shows follow you everywhere, seamlessly across consoles and mobile devices.

Thinkstock, 3

We basically live in an entertainment utopia now. It's dope. It's a u-dope-ia.

Your kid self would be amazed by the advances in TV today, and your adult self will be amazed by what comes next with PlayStation™Vue.

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