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12 Signs Your Friends Are Using You For Video Games

You're not being paranoid. This is real! Get ready for the friendly rivalries with your PlayStation® 4.

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1. All they ever want to do is hang out at your place.

2. Actually, you don't think you've ever seen them outside of your bedroom. / Via

And that's just suspicious.

3. All of your conversations tie back to your K/D ratios.


And theirs is way better than yours.

4. They demand that you refer to them by their gamer name.


5. They talk to the game more than they talk to you.

6. They call you to make sure you're not playing without them.

FOMO? How about no mo'.

7. They get you games for your birthday that only they want to play.

8. They preoccupy you with snacks so they can play for longer.

9. They invite strangers over to play at your house.

10. They just keep playing when you hint that it's time to hit the sack.

"No worries, I'm fine here on my own." :|

11. Sometimes you walk in on them just staring at the console... and it gets weird.


12. And the health of your relationship depends entirely on whether or not they won the last game.

The competition is real.

No matter how you and your friends play, you can always get a good rivalry going with PlayStation® 4.