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11 Signs Your Best Friends Are Your Gaming Enemies

All's fair in love and gaming. Give in to your friendly rivalries with Playstation®4.

1. They go to great lengths to avoid you.

2. They are always teaming up on you with random swordsmen.

3. They frequently shoot you in the head.

4. They roll barrels of explosive gas on you from above.

5. They laugh at your pain.

6. They hit you with not one, but two Nova Bombs while you try to fend off OP baddies.

7. They keep stabbing you in the eye.

8. They always throw you in the lava right after you get your diamond sword.

9. They're always following you places dressed in the same outfit.

10. They not only stop your punches, but then laser beam your face to show their superiority.

11. And they victory dance on your table right after they beat you.

The truth remains: When it come to playing Playstation®4, your best enemies are best friends.