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11 First-Time Gaming Moments Everyone Understands

"Nah, it's just one quick game." — The beginning of the rest of your life. And it only gets better with a friendly rivalry on the new Playstation®4 .

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1. Having no idea what your gamer friend is talking about.

2. Finally giving in and picking up a controller.

3. Being told a game is "pretty self-explanatory."

4. Being reassured you'll "totally get the hang of it."


5. Getting overwhelmed by just how many things are happening.

6. Managing to hit the one right button that makes everything fall into place.

7. Trying to hit the right buttons again.

8. Giving up and just button mash.

9. Winning.


10. But also having to deal with your gamer friend's shock.

11. Realizing the addiction is real.

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