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12 Travel Tips You Can Learn From "Far Cry 4"

It's all about sneaking up on outposts and wrestling tigers. Get pumped to play Far Cry 4 with all of your friends on PlayStation® 4.

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1. First of all: Get yourself a vehicle, and take a scenic drive.

It's the most direct way to truly embrace your surroundings.

2. Try and befriend a spirit tiger.

But don't get too attached, because it's a spirit and a tiger, and one of those things will probably end up being dangerous.

3. Enjoy the local architecture... while you can.

4. If you figure out how to turn fire blue, just go with it.

5. Don't piss off rhinos...

6. ...or elephants...

7. ...or honey badgers. Obviously.

8. Always shoot arrows at demons.

9. Hang out with monkeys whenever possible.

10. Always say "yes" to a tuk-tuk.

11. Don't be afraid to play a game of chicken with a helicopter.

It's totally worth it if you don't die.

12. Finally, if you get invited to sit down with a dictator, it is polite to accept.

And, also, probably mandatory — because they are a dictator.

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All images courtesy of Ubisoft