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This Tiny House Is A Big Deal

Plenty of Americans are joining the "tiny house" movement. Why? Well, because the environmental footprint can be as tiny as the house itself!

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This is the energy-efficient Tiny House:

Jack Dempsey / American Chemistry Council

Here’s a look at all the cool ways this little dwelling does a whole lot for the environment...and how small changes can lead to big energy savings in houses of all sizes!


David Stone / American Chemistry Council

Zack Giffin of FYI TV's Tiny House Nation knows that designing a tiny house requires intense planning to maximize space and efficiency. Products made with plastics help inside and out to make this tiny house (or any house) more energy efficient.

Solar Power Plastic Roof Shingles

David Stone / American Chemistry Council

Unlike traditional bulky solar panels, these durable, engineered plastic shingles combine solar power with the aesthetic of traditional shingles. This tiny house can potentially even go off the grid!

Jack Dempsey / American Chemistry Council

Did you know that plastics such as vinyl have a high resistance to heat and cold? That's one reason these plastic window frames can be excellent insulators. And good insulation means lower energy costs!

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Jack Dempsey / American Chemistry Council

This upscale vinyl plastic flooring can look like wood, stone, or tile — it’s soft, low maintenance, needs no surface treatments, and adds a waterproof layer between indoors and out. Not to mention, it's totally gorgeous!