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13 Surprising Things Made With Recycled And Reused Plastics

Wouldn't it be great if you had the power to transform into something else? Well...bad news. You can't. But plastics can, and they do! Check out all the wonderful things that happen when you give plastic a second chance.

1. Super-sturdy jackets.

2. Awesome plastic chairs.

3. Outdoor decking.

4. These kids' soccer jerseys.

5. Reusable tableware.

6. Nifty cutting boards.

7. An awesome building.

8. More art!

9. Silky soft shirts.

10. Cool toys.

11. Giant lantern.

12. Environmentally friendly board shorts.

13. This adorable owl:

Facts from Recycle Everywhere and WasteCare.

There's so much more your plastics can do when you give them a second chance! So recycle your plastics and visit to learn more!