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10 Plastics That Dream To Be So Much More

​Everyone has dreams — even your used plastic bottles and bags! Won't you give them a second chance and recycle them to make their dreams come true? Be sure to visit for more ways you can help!

1. Karl

Via Shutterstock, 6

Karl the milk jug is sitting on a park bench, dreaming of the day when he can be recycled into something that can be used again and again: a nice cutting board!

2. Louie

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Louie the water bottle is made of PET plastic, and he can be recycled into another plastic bottle. A sexier plastic bottle. A bottle that a beautiful woman might drink from.

3. Leroy + Madeline

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Meet Leroy and Madeline. They’re polypropylene plastic yogurt containers, and they’re daydreaming about being recycled together into a plastic colander. Leroy has always wanted to be useful forever, and Madeline loves spaghetti!

4. Gina

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Gina has seen her last days as a PET plastic water bottle. But that doesn’t have to be the end — she can be recycled into carpeting that a fluffy dog might lie on! And Gina loves dogs. You can do it, Gina!

5. Donna

Via Shutterstock, 4

As a detergent jug, Donna has helped keep someone's clothes clean for months. Thanks to her HDPE plastic body, when you recycle her, she can kick back and relax as a new chair with a sweet view!

6. Jeff

Via Shutterstock, 5

Jeff's PET plastic body means he can be recycled into sleeping bag insulation. And Jeff loves the outdoors! We believe in your future, Jeff!

7. Tanya

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Tanya is a polyethylene bag, and she spends most of her time keeping your food fresh. But did you know you can take her back to many grocery stores to be recycled into wonderful things? Tanya dreams of being recycled into plastic lumber, just like the kind that patio decks are made of!

8. Sara

Via Shutterstock, 5

Sara the polypropylene plastic cottage cheese container is daydreaming of the day she and her lid can be recycled into a woven outdoor rug! All Sara wants is to bring happiness and comfort to some lucky guy or gal.

9. Wesley

Via Shutterstock, 5

Wesley is a plant food container made of polyethylene plastic, and he can’t wait to be recycled so he can become a beautiful outdoor planter!

10. Bernice

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Bernice loves keeping food fresh as a polyethylene zipper bag. But Bernice also loves sports. So Bernice wishes you would take her back to a grocery store for recycling in order to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a seat at a football stadium!

Facts from Recycle Everywhere and WasteCare.

With your help, plastics like these don't have to dream of a second life -- they can live it! Recycle your plastics and visit to learn more!