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14 Reasons You Deserve A Reward Today

It's rough out there, but you can handle it. With a little self confidence and some determination, you'll get through the workday without going insane. For an extra pick-me-up, check out!

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1. You got out of bed and made it out of the house.

2. You wrote an important e-mail and didn't once have to use Google to find interesting synonyms to make yourself look smarter.

3. A client was rude to you on the phone and you were super nice to them.

4. Your manager actually complimented your work and said you're doing a "good job".

5. You went the whole day without taking a Facebook break.

6. You ate a salad for lunch instead of getting fast food.

7. You got a head start on your work that's due next week so you can laze around on Monday morning.

8. You read through the entire chain of e-mails your boss sent the whole office to find the information that’s actually relevant to you.

9. When your coworker asked if you were "super busy" you didn't yell at them or tell them to shut up.

10. You asked your boss for a raise and he said he'll think about it.

11. You didn't say anything embarrassing in front of anybody important, making you look super cool and professional.

12. You didn't have to ask the IT department for help once all day.

13. You called in sick today but are still answering emails.

14. You stay focused on the job at hand, even though they’re serving cake in the breakroom.

You should definitely be psyched about that.