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Who's Your Fav Spooky Babe?

Is it Wednesday Addams or Maleficent?

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  1. So, which one do you love but fear the most?

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Who's Your Fav Spooky Babe?

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So, which one do you love but fear the most?
  1. Wednesday Addams
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    Wednesday Addams
  2. Morticia Addams
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    Morticia Addams
  3. Lydia Deetz
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    Lydia Deetz
  4. Nancy Downs
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    Nancy Downs
  5. Queen Akasha
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    Queen Akasha
  6. Lily Munster
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    Lily Munster
  7. Catwoman
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  8. Maleficent
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  9. Ginger Fitzgerald
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    Ginger Fitzgerald
  10. Abaddon
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  11. Mrs. Lovett
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    Mrs. Lovett
  12. Lisbeth Salander
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    Lisbeth Salander
  13. Elvira
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  14. Lola Stone
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    Lola Stone
  15. Jennifer Check
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    Jennifer Check
  16. Annie Wilkes
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    Annie Wilkes
  17. Gogo Yubari
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    Gogo Yubari
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