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These "Middle Earth" Cosplays Are Badass

Some will make you do a double take.

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Orlando Bloom? Is that you???

Facebook: mayochancosplay / Via Mayo Chan

This Sauron cosplay is too badass for words.

Fee Lynn / Via Facebook: feelynncosplay

This Frodo is so on point...

... they even have the hairy hobbit feet.

Amouranth / Via Facebook: Amouranth

Tauriel's looking as fierce as ever.

Not only is this Legolas cosplay on point...

... but the scenery is also perfect.

Damn, we actually had to do a double take...

Jiaki Darkness / Via

We're in awe over this beauty cosplaying Arwen.

Farrah Shaikh / Via

This human Smaug is fabulous.

This guy looks exactly like Thorin...

... he could have been his stunt double.

If Kili and Bilbo were actually female. *swoons*

And here's Thranduil staying humble by chillin' at Starbucks.

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