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Using Men From "The Bachelorette," You Get One Snog, Marry, And Pie Card — So, Choose Wisely

i want to know who your roses (or your pies) would be going to.

**Spoilers for the current season of The Bachelorette**

I'm all about my reality TV, especially when it comes to finding love. As I was watching Love Island: UK the other day, I couldn't help but laugh at one of the recent challenges on the show where they pied each other.

Love Island: UK recently came to a close, but the drama is very much heating up on The Bachelorette with Gabby and Rachel.

So, I want to know who you'd snog (kiss), marry (committed relationship), and pie (quite literally smear a pie in their face) from the show.

I'm obsessed with both of our bachelorettes and hope the best for them! Thanks for playing!

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