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12 Ways You Can Fight Back Against All This Oppressive Crap In 2017

You're powerful, and you're not alone.

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1. Start an LGBTQ alliance at your school or team up with other clubs to make serious change.

Start a petition to make your school safer for trans and queer youth, organize volunteer efforts in your community, or provide a safe space for trans and queer youth at your school.

2. Learn more about our prison system and how it disproportionately targets vulnerable communities.

This is how we fight back—by celebrating trans power and resilience. Share, and shift culture with us. #TDOR…

The Transgender Gender-Variant Justice Project fights for trans liberation and prison abolition. Contact them (or an organization like theirs) to see how you can get involved!

3. Contact your local abortion fund and find out what they need.

Local abortion funds financially assist people who need abortions and struggle to pay for them. They also help with housing and transportation if needed. The National Network of Abortion Funds is, well, a national fund, and you can donate directly to them and sign up for their action alerts.

You can also research abortion funds in your area — then call them and see what resources they need. A room for someone to stay in? A ride for someone who needs one? There are a ton of ways to get involved and help someone in need.

4. Take steps to love your body and express support of bodies that aren't like yours.

The Body Is Not An Apology is a movement toward acceptance and respect for all bodies, just as they are. Join their #NoBodiesInvisible campaign, and read about their work on their website.

5. Take a webinar or online organizing class.

Twitter: @ggenyc

For instance, Girls for Gender Equity has a webinar that can teach you how to start a Young Women’s Advisory Council in your area. You can help make change by putting pressure on local government, media, and philanthropy to better reflect your experiences.

7. Join up with local chapters of national organizations to get involved on a community level.

Stay involved after the @womensmarch. Join us on 1/21 to continue building the mvmt for women's rights…

Most national organizations have local branches that are working on issues that are relevant in your community. The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, for instance, can keep you informed about national initiatives as well as initiatives in your state.

8. Stand in solidarity with communities that are being targeted.

MPowerChange is an organization dedicated to grassroots organizing to defend Muslim people and advocate against policies that target them.

9. Put pressure on local governments to make their cities "sanctuary cities" for immigrants and refugees.

A sanctuary city is a city with laws that shelter and protect immigrants and refugees. United We Dream is trying to encourage more cities to become sanctuary cities. Sign their petition, and sign up for their alerts to get involved in their future actions.

10. March and protest.

We send a bold message to our new govt on their 1st day. Women's rights are human rights. @womensmarch @krcla…

Now that the Women's March has rocked the world, the organizers are hosting 10 Actions in 100 Days. And there will be more protests to come — keep your eye on your favorite orgs so you know what they're planning. If you don't have a march buddy (or even if you do), you can march in solidarity with an advocacy group, such as the National Korean American Service & Education Consortium.

11. Join the fight for reproductive justice and share what it means to you.

SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW! has regular actions and trainings for volunteers, organizers, and field outreach. Get involved and share what reproductive justice means to you.

12. Be open about and proud of the work you're doing to create change.

Your work is important, and you should be proud of it. Share your #IDEFY selfie and tell the world what you defy!

Join Planned Parenthood on Jan. 22 for #IDEFY Live! Go loud. Go strong. Defy for the future you want.

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