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    That One Time I Found Out What Obamacare Actually Means For Me

    And it was awesome.

    When the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) passed so that everyone could have better-quality, more affordable health care, I was like:

    And then I learned some of the reasons Obamacare is especially great for me, and I was like:

    Like the fact that health insurance companies can no longer charge women more than men (sometimes up to 150% more) for the exact same coverage, and as a woman I’m like:

    And insurance companies can’t deny coverage for a “pre-existing condition”—whether it’s cancer, pregnancy, or sexual assault—anymore, so I get equal coverage. No matter what. That makes me feel like:

    And when I found out I can stay on my parents’ insurance until I’m 26 (!!!), I was seriously like:

    Oh, and when the birth control benefit took effect and I found out I could get my birth control with no co-pay, I was pretty much like:

    …and then I got my receipt from the pharmacy and it really did say $0.00, and I was like:

    And then when I went to get a check-up, cancer screening, and STD test at my doctor and THAT WAS NO CO-PAY TOO, I was like:

    Basically, when I think about how much better my health care is under Obamacare, and how much I save on important preventive care, I just want to be like:

    But then I saw that House Republicans keep trying to repeal Obamacare and undo all of its benefits for me, my friends, my family, and millions of Americans…

    ...and that they’ve voted not once, not twice, but FORTY TIMES to try to repeal it...

    ...which would mean the return of insurance companies denying you coverage for pre-existing conditions, lifetime caps on health care coverage, and discrimination against women...

    Meanwhile, they’re trying to figure out how to get young Americans and women to vote for them…

    But hey, maybe the 40th time is the charm.

    So as long as they’re attacking Obamacare and the huge advances it’s making for health care, I’m standing up for it—spreading the word, calling out the misinformation, and making sure all my friends know how it works for them.

    Because let’s be real: Obamacare rocks. I know it, my friends know it, and it’s not going anywhere.