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That One Time I Found Out What Obamacare Actually Means For Me

And it was awesome.

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And insurance companies can’t deny coverage for a “pre-existing condition”—whether it’s cancer, pregnancy, or sexual assault—anymore, so I get equal coverage. No matter what. That makes me feel like:


...which would mean the return of insurance companies denying you coverage for pre-existing conditions, lifetime caps on health care coverage, and discrimination against women...

...and restoring co-pays for preventive care and birth control, eliminating the under-26 provision, and taking away access from nearly 12 million women who will be newly eligible for health care coverage (to name a few)...


So as long as they’re attacking Obamacare and the huge advances it’s making for health care, I’m standing up for it—spreading the word, calling out the misinformation, and making sure all my friends know how it works for them.