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The Kardashian Guide To Victorian Etiquette


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1. “Never speak or act in anger.”

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Notable times Kim has lost her cool: (1) When she lost a diamond earring in the ocean and (2) when she literally beat the shit out of Khloe with a purse.

But, hey, kudos to her for beginning to show concern.


3. “Remember that, valuable as is the gift of speech, silence is often more valuable.”

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Kim demonstrates this principal by abruptly quitting the music industry. Her silence is the sweetest “jam” of them all.

5. “Do not neglect little things if they can affect the comfort of others.”

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Kim should never be neglected the opportunity to take selfies. If Kris is going to deny her of that privilege, she should be banished from the Kardashian kastle.


Etiquette rules snagged from here, here and here.

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