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    The Alphabet According To "The Office"

    From Assistant to the Regional Manager to Zoppity.

    A is for Assistant to the Regional Manager.


    [noun]: The imaginary position held by Dwight Schrute for most of the series.

    B is for Beets.


    [noun]: A type of vegetable grown at Schrute Farms. Also one of Dwight's favourite things besides bears and Battlestar Galactica.

    C is for Chili's.


    [noun]: An American chain restaurant that Pam Beesly is permanently banned from.

    D is for Date Mike.


    [proper noun]: The persona that Michael Scott takes on when wooing ladies.

    E is for Escape Goat.


    [noun]: One of Michael Scott's many botched phrases.

    F is for Flonkerton.


    [noun]: An Icelandic Office Olympic sport, translates to "Box of Paper Snowshoe Racing" in English.

    G is for George Foreman Grill.


    [noun]: A kitchen device that Michael Scott uses to grill his bacon and also his foot.

    H is for Here Comes Treble.


    [proper noun]: Andy Bernard's a cappella group from his alma mater, Cornell.

    I is for Impish.


    [adjective]: What one is if they are not admirable (according to Belsnickel).

    J is for Jabroni.


    [noun]: What Andy Bernard acts like at Senator Robert Lipton's fundraiser.

    K is for Kelly Kapoor.


    [proper noun]: A customer service representative at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. Also an idol, legend, and fashion icon.

    L is for Limo.


    [noun]: Much fancier than a town car, something that a company sends when they have cause for celebration.

    M is for Moroccan Christmas.


    [noun]: Phyllis Vance's greatest achievement and Angela Martin's worst nightmare. Also the party at which Dwight sells his bounty of Princess Unicorn dolls.

    N is for Niagara Falls.


    [proper noun]: The Halpert's wedding destination. Also "the single best pick up destination in the history of the universe," according to Michael Scott.

    O is for Oscar Martinez.


    [proper noun]: The sassiest accountant in Scranton, PA.

    P is for Party Planning Committee.


    [proper noun]: The group that organizes all office events. Not to be confused with the short-lived but notable Committee to Plan Parties run by Pam Beesly Halpert and Karen Filippelli.

    Q is for Quality Assurance Director


    [noun]: The job occupied by Creed Bratton when he is not writing for\creedthoughts.

    R is for Recyclops.


    [proper noun]: Earth's saviour or destroyer (depending on the year). His home planet was destroyed by Polluticorn.

    S is for Sprinkles.


    [proper noun]: Angela Martin's cat that was mercy killed in a freezer by Dwight Schrute. Gone but never forgotten.

    T is for Threat Level Midnight


    [proper noun]: The single most important action film in the history of cinema.

    U is for Unbelievable.


    [adjective]: Angela, Oscar, and Pam's favourite term when gossiping.

    V is for Vance Refrigeration.

    [proper noun]: Bob Vance's company.

    W is for Warehouse.


    [noun]: Where Darryl Philbin reigns supreme and Michael Scott should never go.

    X is for X-Ray.


    [noun]: What Pam was supposed to get before she found out she was pregnant.

    Y is for Yelling.


    [verb]: What Dwight Schrute does a lot of.

    Z is for Zoppety.


    [unknown]: Created by Darryl Philbin for Michael Scott, the final word in the phrase "pippety poppety, give me the zoppety."

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