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22 Times Beyoncé Was The Most Flawless Mom Ever

When you're a mom, you're not bossy. You're the boss.

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2. When she created this masterpiece.

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3. When she welcomed Blue to the beyhive.

4. When she showed us what a perfect family looks like.

6. When she let Blue handle her calls.

7. When she did Halloween right...

10. When she and Blue were fashionable twins.

11. When she let this happen.

13. When she gave Blue the cutest director's chair you ever did see.

14. When she shared this perfect mother-daughter moment.

15. When she took Blue to the zoo.

17. When she made this precious comparison.

18. When she showed her baby girl the family business.

20. When she and Blue took this effortlessly beautiful photo.

21. When she had some classic family fun.
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