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20 Hilarious Pieces Of Astrological Advice From George Takei's Twitter

King of the zodiac.

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1. When there was something ominous in the works for the Pisces community:

Pisces: Be sure someone is at the ready to clear your browser history. Today may be the day your number’s up.

2. When Aquarius needed to steer clear of the banana stand:

Aquarius: Whatever you do today, do NOT eat that banana.

3. When Sagittarius had more than just Twitter followers:

Sagittarius: Someone has been following you. Don’t look behind you. He’ll notice, and then it gets really creepy.

4. When Capricorn probably forgot to pay rent:

Capricorn: Opportunity is knocking at your door today. Or it might be your landlord.

5. When burrito bowls wronged Virgos everywhere:

Virgo: Today your fear comes from within. Shouldn't have had Chipotle for lunch.

6. When Aries probably needed to call up a local tailor:

Aries: Today you may feel very torn. Hope you know a good seamstress.

7. When Libra emptied the liquor cabinet:

Libra: You may receive some sobering news. You're all out of booze.

8. When Scorpio was literally the worst:

Scorpio: If you misuse the word "literally" one more time, I will "literally" unfriend you.

9. When Cancer was in for some R&R:

Cancer: You may end up in hot water today. Hopefully a jacuzzi.

10. When there was no hope for Taurus:

Taurus: It's time to give up. You'll never find that missing sock.

11. When Gemini needed to put safety first:

Gemini: Today you'll want to dive in head first. Wear a helmet.

12. When there would be no visits to the Grand Canyon for Aquarius:

Aquarius: You need to find more balance in your life. Until then, stay away from jagged cliffs.

13. When personal hygiene paid off for Aries:

Aries: You look refreshed and glowing today. You should shower more often.

14. When YOLO was not the motto for Scorpio:

Scorpio: If you live like there's no tomorrow, there might not be. Ponder that.

15. When Libra needed to live by the wise words of NSYNC:

Libra: You haven't been feeling very "in sync" with your partner. Is it time to say "Bye Bye Bye"?

16. When Leo was not the best cook in the kitchen:

Leo: You feel the urge to stir the pot. No, really, your soup is burning, stir it.

17. When Capricorn needed to take a trip to the optometrist:

Capricorn: Today you'll be blind to the situations that are right in front of you. It’s time for reading glasses.

18. When the internet was the Gemini's savior:

Gemini: There should be lots of fun in-store for you today. But if they're out of stock you can always order online.

19. When Pisces needed not to get so worked up:

Pisces: Try not to get overwhelmed. Just stay whelmed.

20. And when Sagittarius was a little too trusting:

Sagittarius: You'll be feeling very gullible today. See, you totally just bought that.

So much wisdom 🙌

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