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19 Times Gizmo The Griffon Won Instagram In 2015

The sassiest griffon in the game.

1. When he mastered the side eye:

2. When he was the shadiest Santa in town:

3. When he jumped on the Star Wars bandwagon:

4. When he became a master of disguise:

5. When he embodied the Monday feels:

6. When he brought Baywatch back:

7. When he slayed cold weather fashion:

8. When he started his healthy eating journey:

9. When he embraced sweater weather:

10. When he discovered his passion:

11. When he was so hip it hurt:

12. When he took style cues from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:

13. When he became an actual Ewok:

14. When he was all about Netflix and chill:

15. When he woke up like this:

16. When he did a little false advertising:

17. When he dressed to the nines:

18. When he was unimpressed with the vegan diet:

19. And when he was so over it:

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