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17 Animated Text GIFs For Every Occasion

Words are so much more moving when they move. H/T Animated Text

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1. When you're feeling like a modern day Shakespeare.

2. When you're hungry, not thirsty.

3. When you're waiting for your exam marks.

4. When you need to make an exit.

5. When you're over it.

6. When cardio is less appealing than your computer.

7. When brows are not on fleek.

8. When you're feeling royal af.

9. When you need Fergie's help to administer a burn.

10. When the internet is not on your side.

11. When you're ready to take on the world.

12. When you need an escape plan.

13. When you are not DTF.

14. When you're feeling less than privileged.

15. When you wholly embrace throwback Thursday.

16. When you need an excuse for being antisocial.

17. When you're flaunting your self-confidence.

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