16 Outrageous Jeffrey Campbell Shoes For Every Occasion

Soles: A reflection of your soul.

1. For when you want to complete your Canadian tuxedo the right way:

Roxana, $155

2. For when you feel like Sporty but want to look like Posh:

Tempest, $175

3. For when Timberlands don’t have enough oomph for you:

Also for when you’ve got two extra hours to lace up your boots.

Hot Boss Hi, $330

4. For when you need to one-up everyone at the rodeo:

Renegade, $110

5. For when your regular Converse seem lame AF:

All Pro, $140

6. For when you feel like you didn’t get all your angst out as a teen:

Mestizo, $280

7. For when you feel like an effin’ masterpiece:

Barclay, $160

8. For when you need to feel like a kid again:

Forty, $275

9. For when you need that extra spring in your step:

Springy, $175

10. For when you want to bring back the ’90s in a big way:

Deja-vu, $125

11. For when Birkenstocks are just too bland:

Lipari, $135

12. For when you want to step up your festival game.

Tenda, $250

13. For when you want to release your inner 2 Chainz:

Lita Large Chain, $205

14. For when you need proper running attire:

Playground, $170

15. For when you’re feeling unapologetic:

Gospel, $180

16. For when it’s time to turn up and probably fall down:

Icy, $255

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