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15 Times Zendaya's Instagram Gave You Serious Style Envy

She's 18 years old and 18 times more fashionable than you'll ever be.

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1. When she outdid everyone at The Met Gala:

2. When she sashayed away from fashion week:

3. When she killed it in cut outs:

4. When she shone bright like a diamond:

5. When she channelled her inner Diana Ross:

6. When she donned this tie-dye power suit:

7. Seriously, she works a suit better than Diane Keaton:

8. When she mastered geek chic:

9. When she gave off some serious '70s vibes:

10. When she embraced her inner Sporty Spice:

11. When she was so chic it hurt:

12. When she made a case for bucket hats:

13. When she slayed it in this LBD:

14. When she experimented with prints:

15. And when she looked classier than Audrey Hepburn:

Stay flawless, Zendaya.

David J. Bertozzi / Via

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