13 Steps Of Conflict Resolution With Bravo’s Biggest Divas

We’ve brought in the experts, so hold onto your weave.

Ready to solve some problems?

The Real Housewives know a thing or two about handling messy situations with poise, elegance, and class.

1. Remain calm.

You, a perfect specimen, did nothing wrong. There is no point in jacking up your weave over the opinions of underlings.

2. Make a list of your concerns.

Concerns = everything everyone else has done or is doing wrong.

3. Choose a safe, neutral place for the conversation to take place.

National television is always a viable option.

4. Ask questions.

Also feel free to answer your own questions. After all, you do know best.

5. Share your feelings.

It is important to be vocal about the issues at hand. How is your foe supposed to know all their flaws if you don’t set them straight?

6. Allow the other person to talk.

It is important to give your rival an opportunity to explain everything they will do to get back into your good graces. Lets be real, they need to put in work.

7. Be creative.

Your problem seems big? You may need to call on a higher power and maybe some glitter.

8. Take breaks.

We get it, conflict resolution is emotionally taxing. Throw back a Skinny Girl Margarita, go try on some fancy frocks at Kyle By Alene Too, maybe even listen to Kim Zolciak’s latest club mix.

9. Stay away from negative talk.

There’s power in positivity, y’all.

10. Be aware of your emotions.

Unless you are a regular on Andy Cohen’s reunion couch, learn to control your feelings and leave the table flipping to Teresa Giudice.

11. Compromise.

We know, it’s not ideal.

12. Find something you can agree on.

Nothing mends burned bridges quite like vodka.

13. Reward yourself for successfully ending the feud.

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