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11 Reasons Blair Waldorf Is The Baddest Bitch In NYC

All hail Queen B.

Manhattan is filled with tourists, irrelevant nobodies, and a small but important contingent of opulent individuals.

But only one bitch reigns supreme in the Big Apple.

The CW / Via

Cue Blair Waldorf.

1. Her sass game is on point.

The CW / Via

She is so cold that being in her general presence most likely feels like the centre of the polar vortex.

2. She's a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed.

The CW / Via

Git it girl.

3. Her planning and organizational skills rival those of Martha Stewart.

The CW / Via

If only we had a Blair Waldorf Living stationary line to look forward to.

4. She is wise beyond her years.

The CW / Via

Seriously, this gal is like a glistening oyster filled with endless pearls of wisdom.

5. She knows how to party.

The CW / Via

Ain't no party like a Waldorf party cause a Waldorf party don't stop.

6. She does preppy better than a Ralph Lauren catalogue.

The CW / Via

Headbands on headbands on headbands.

7. And classy better than Coco Chanel.

The CW / Via

Waldorf Mademoiselle

8. She's bilingual.

The CW / Via

Voulez vous coucher avec Chuck, ce soir.

9. She has minions.

The CW / Via

Unfortunately, they are not animated or yellow. But they are equally as dim witted and adorable.

10. Her résumé is stupid good.

The CW / Via

Supervisor at W Magazine, Princess of Monaco, Owner of Waldorf Designs...would it kill her to have 'Burger King Cashier' or something on that list.

11. She's an independent woman.

The CW / Via

And, as we know from the lyrics of the original Queen B (Beyoncé, obviously): "Ladies, it ain't easy bein' independent."

Poor Serena Van Der Woodsen,

The CW

She never stood a chance.

You know you love me, xoxo

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