20 Reasons You Are Lily Pritchett-Tucker From "Modern Family"

You know you’re a sass queen just like Princess Lily when…

1. 1. You’ve mastered this look and understand it is the appropriate answer to 99% of life’s situations

2. 2. Most of your mental capacity is devoted to thinking about food

3. 3. Especially when you feel like this

4. 4.When anyone tries to talk to you at all, you usually respond this way

5. 5. And then they think they can tell you about all their life problems, but you’re like

6. 6. And when they don’t stop and you could really care less, you want to scream

7. 7. You want to know everything about everything

8. 8. Whenever you have to wait for anyone, anywhere, for anything

9. 9. You glare at them thinking to yourself

10. 10. You’ve always really gotten along well with others and it started at an early age

11. 11. You’ll rock some outrageous outfits and still look super fab

12. 12. But as soon as anyone else tries something new, you’re like

13. 13. You don’t understand why you can’t accessorize with a tiara everyday

14. 14. The world revolves around you and anything you say is the most important, regardless of what it is

15. 15. When you’re all out of snacks, you really start to believe the world might end

16. 16. When anyone tries to be friends with you ever (or make any conversation for that matter), your response is

17. 17. A few drinks deep at the bar and you’re trying to read a text from your crush

18. 18. And then you wake up and read what you wrote the night before and immediately think

19. 19. And if he never texts you back, whatever

20. 20. Because you know you’re just too fab, just like Bey

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