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      AsaNYC transplant, and pizza connoisseur,Ihave to say the pizza in LA is actually some of the bestIhave ever had (and that includes Italy and France). There are plenty of styles of pizza. For example, there is Elm City style (from New Haven, CT), CA style (think cal pizza kitchen), Italian American (that’s actually NY style), whatIcall CA thin crust, Chicago deep dish, Neapolitan to nameafew.Ilove all styles of pizza and appreciate them on their own terms butItend to go for Italian and Italian American the most. Having said that, NY pizza is basically Italian American. The $2 pizza in NY is not what made NY pizza famous, it was the pizza made by Italian immigrants, places such as Lombardi’s, Grimaldi’s and all of the old world pizza joints in and around the city. But that style of pizza does exist in LA and in many ways has “one-uped” it with additions such as farmers market vegetables and out-of-the-box toppings. Ironically, if you go to NYC now you’ll find the pizza trending toward CA style with all the same types of odd west coast toppings.
      Afew great pizza places, in LA: Bottega Louie, downtown.
      Urbano Pizza Bar (currently in renovation and about to re-open as Sixth Street Tavern) also downtown.
      Obika, in Century City, for an Italian pie (I hopeIspelled it right)
      Tomato Pie in Silverlake, for CA style think crust.
      Silverlake even has Two Boots!(used to be one of my go-tos in NY)
      Il Dolce, in Costa Mesa, makes one of the best Italian pies outside Italy.
      PizzaeVino, in Rancho Santa Margarita, makesaNeapolitan pie that’s pretty solid (though not always consistent)
      Olio Pizzeria, in mid-city west, (a notch down but still just as good as most of the top placesIused to go to in NY)
      Pitfire Pizza Company (alsoanotch down, but pretty good)
      for vegan pizza try Urbano (has options) as well as Cruzer Pizza, in Los FelizIhave also had truly first-rate pizza in Burbank, on more than one occasion. AndIlook forward to try Soleto Trattoria & Pizza Bar, downtown, soon as well… The list goes on but like most great things in LA, you have to put inalittle work. In NYC you can just roll out of bed and find it, but in LA you have to put in effort. That does not mean LA doesn’t have great pizza! The point about bagels, however, could be correct ;-)

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