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A Dessert Lovers Guide To D.C.

Warning: You may get diabetes just reading this list!

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Baked & Wired


Location: Georgetown

Giant cupcakes, cookie and ice cream sandwiches, cakes and brownies galore! It's okay to admit if your mouth is already watering because we're in the same boat! Baked & Wired, nestled just off Georgetown's M Street and Thomas Jefferson Street, offers diverse cupcake flavors including Pistachio, Uniporn & Rainho, and Dirty Chai that melt in your mouth. Their famous ice cream sammies or "bakedwiches" contain ice cream smashed between two soft cookies and are dessert perfection. Not to mention they have an entire cafe and coffee section to offset your sweet tooth. Why are you still reading this? Go grab a bakedwich!

Co Co Sala


Location: Penn Quarter

Let's just start by saying they have a chocolate boutique connected to their restaurant. IKR?! How fast can we get there? Co Co Sala's restaurant has chocolate and coffee infused cocktails, food and all together deliciousness. You've never truly tasted a cocktail until it's infused with chocolate vodka AND comes with a chocolate covered strawberry!

Ted's Bulletin


Location: U Street

As if milkshakes weren't already a way to bring nostalgia to your life, Ted's Bulletin offers *adult* milkshakes. That's right! Why not enjoy an alcoholic Key Lime Pie or White Russian flavored milkshake after a long day at the office?! Not only do they have shakes, they also have HOMEMADE POP TARTS! These fluffy, flavor filled and colorful tarts do not disappoint! Not into shakes or tarts? Hopefully their 'Cinnamon Roll As Big As Ya Head' satisfies your tastes.

IcyCode Ice Cream Rolls


Location: Dupont Circle

This Thai styled ice cream is the newest trend in sweet treats! The cream is freshly mixed in front of your eyes and poured onto a frozen slab and thinned out until it can be rolled up forming ice cream rolls. Honestly, you will never taste fresher ice cream than this and there is something so satisfying about seeing frozen cream rolled up. With yummy flavors like Baked Alaska, S'Mores and Sugar Daddy--you really can't go with at IcyCode.

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