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    10 Water Bottle Stickers For VSCO And Non-VSCO Girls Alike

    Cute and funny stickers at a reasonable price for every VSCO girl out there.

    1. This "100% Human Tears" Sticker

    stickerpoop / Via

    This one should make regular people do a double-take, or make other people who are as cynical as you give you a knowing little smirk.

    Price: $2.50 from stickerpoop on Etsy

    2. This "I Am Dead Inside" Sticker

    EmmasStickerStudio / Via

    This one requires no explanation.

    Price: $3.99 from EmmasStickerStudio on Etsy

    3. This "but will there be food?" Sticker

    SweetAndSassySticker / Via

    A serious question we've all asked multiple times in our lives.

    Price: $3.99 from SweetAndSassySticker on Etsy

    4. This Lip Print Sticker

    AveryJeneArt / Via

    As the type of person who actually has this sticker on her water bottle, I can confirm that it's as awesome as it looks.

    Price: $3.00 from AveryJeneArt on Etsy

    5. This "sips tea" Sticker

    SunflowerStickersCo / Via

    Because sometimes the tea around the office is real.

    Price: $3.95 from SunflowerStickersCo on Etsy

    6. This "I Work Hard so my Dog Can Have a Better Life" Sticker

    SheMugs / Via

    Something to get you through those long days in freezing, over-air-conditioned offices.

    Price: $4.00 from SheMugs on Etsy

    7. This "I'm a Ray of Fucking Sunshine" Sticker

    MinnesotaNiceEnough / Via

    8. This "Love Yo Self" Watercolor Sticker

    ColorMyWorldArtistry / Via

    We all need this reminder at times, and why not make it colorful!

    Price: $3.50 from ColorMyWorldArtistry on Etsy

    9. This Tasteful "don't be a butthole" Sticker

    CascadianWillow / Via

    When you need to remind other people in as cute and floral a way as possible.

    Price: $3.25 from CascadianWillow on Etsy

    10. And This "Work Hard & Be Kind" Sticker

    JoyfulMellieDesigns / Via

    Finally something to look at to remind yourself how you should try to live your life. Don't let the world get you down!

    Price: $4.00 from JoyfulMellieDesigns on Etsy