Everything I Know About Gingers, I Learned From Advertisments

Blondes may have more fun, but redheads get all the commercial time. This compilation is based on the MANY commercials that feature Gingers.

1. Redheads Love Their RED Hair!

ad for: Palmolive Naturals Vibrant Color

ad for: Clairol Natural Instincts (1997)

ad for: Dippity-Do

…Even if They Have to Enhance it With a Bottle.

ad for: Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Permanent Color

2. Redheads Get Mad Thirsty.

ad for: McDonald’s Ice McCafe (2013)

ad for: Starbucks VIA® Vanilla Flavored Coffee

ad for: Perrier

ad for: V8 Smoothies

ad for: Corona — Find Your Beach (Sand Snow) Commercial 2011

ad for: Skinnygirl Cocktails

ad for: Coca Cola

3. Redheads Enjoy Yogurt.

Activia Commercial Danone - Canada

2013 Commercial for Dannon “Activia”

ad for: Yoplait

4. …Even if They’re Otherwise Tempted.

ad for: Yoplait Yogurt

5. Some Think It’s a Mind Blowing Experience

ad for: Danimal’s Crunchers (With Bella Thorne and Dylan & Cole Sprouse)

…Even more when it’s fed by John Stamos… “Have Mercy!”

Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt (With John Stamos)

6. Redheads Have a Sweet Tooth.

Vicki Lewis York Peppermint Pattie

York Peppermint Patty Commercial “Minerva” (Lisa Porter)

ad for: Skittles “SkittlesPox”

ad for: Almond Joy and Mounds

7. …or a Salty Tooth.

Ritz Crackers - Girl On Bus (2011)

8. Some have snacks while walking slo-mo

ad for: Doritos (Super Bowl 2012)

Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2012

9. Redheads Get Their Periods

ad for: Always Infinity

ad for: Always Maxi Pads

ad for: U by Kotex

10. …And Complain About it in a Sarcastic Manner

ad for: U by Kotex 2011

ad for: U by Kotex

11. Redheads Are Pretty Serious About Laundry

ad for: Era Laundry Detergent

ad for: Gain Detergent

ad for: Gain Fireworks Scent Booster

ad for: Tide Detergent (1989)

…or Dry Cleaning.

ad for: Hyundai

12. …And the Odor That Expells From the Washing Machine.

ad for: Tide Washing Machine Cleaner

13. Redheads Enjoy Fast Food


ad for: Wendy’s

ad for: Wendy’s

14. …And Then There’s The One That Couldn’t Shake it if She Tried… (Thanks to Dad, She’s in for Life!)

ad for: Wendy’s

15. Redheads Shop Around For Great Deals on Cars

ad for: Honda

ad for: Chevy Cruze

ad for: Subaru Legacy (2010)

ad for: Hyundai National

16. …Or Negotiate While Their Toddler Runs Amok

ad for: Toyota

17. But When They Find The Perfect Car, Some Redheads Take Themselves Too Seriously

ad for: Cadillac (Kate Walsh 2008)

ad for: Kenwood Sound

18. …While Some Not Seriously Enough.

ad for: Volvo XC60 SUV Rearview Mirror

19. Redheads Love to Brag About Deals in Retail

ad for: Burlington Coat Factory

ad for: Burlington Coat Factory

ad for: Burlington Coat Factory

ad for: Kohl’s

ad for: overstock.com

ad for: retailmenot.com

ad for: Best Buy

ad for: Goodwill Southern California

ad for: Old Navy Skinny Jeans

20. Redheads Like To Chill With Their Spouse

ad for: Leon’s Furniture Superstore

ad for: freecreditscore.com

ad for: Tide Laundry Detergent

ad for: Corona

ad for: Tufts Health Plan

ad for: Netflix

ad for: Klondike

21. …Occasionally at Drive Thru Burger Joints.

ad for: Sonic Drive-In

ad for: Sonic Drive-In

22. Redheads Are Neat Freaks

ad for: Bounty Paper Towels

ad for: Febreze

ad for: Mr. Clean Bathroom Cleaner

ad for: Swiffer Duster

23. …And Want Their Home To Smell Neat, Too.

ad for: Glade PlugIns Scented Oil

24. Redheads Try to Stay Healthy.

ad for: Lean Cuisine

25. …And Maintain Their Waistline With Cheerios

ad for: Multi-Grain Cheerios

ad for: Honey Nut Cheerios

26. …And Get a Little Nostalgic While Doing so.

ad for: Cheerios

27. Some May Even Watch Their Weight at the Workplace.

ad for: Lean Cuisine

ad for: Gregg’s Lunch

…While Talking Into Their Soupcans


29. …And Monitor Their Fiber Intake

ad for: Fiber One Bars

ad for: Fiber One Brownies

30. Redheads Hate to Miss a Deadline.

ad for: IBM Computers (within a compilation of other 80’s ads)

ad for: staples

31. Redheads Can Sometimes Have Some Mean Allergies

ad for: Claritin

32. …Or Severe Flu-like Symptoms.

ad for: Alka Seltzer Severe Cold and Flu

ad for: Vicks Nyquil

ad for: Vicks DayQuil

ad for: Vicks DayQuil Sinus

33. …Who Then Pass it on To Their Children.

ad for: Vicks Vapo-Rub

ad for: Vicks Vapo-Rub

34. Redheads Like To Chill

ad for: Dove Hair Colour Radiance Shampoo/conditioner

ad for: Swiffer

35. …And Fit in Some TV Time.

ad for: Cox Communication

36. Be Aware, If Your Neighbor Is a Redhead… They Could Be Spying On You.

ad for: Xfinity Cable

37. …or will give away spoilers to your favorite series.

ad for: Netflix

38. Redheads Can Have Crazy Bed Head After A Good Night’s Sleep.

ad for: ZzzQuil Sleep Medicine

39. Redheads Love To Stay in Touch From Home,

ad for: Verizon

40. …From Work,

ad for: Verizon Fios Home Monitoring & Control

41. …Or While Traveling.

ad for: Motorola Droid Razr

42. Redheads Keep Up With Their Garden

ad for: Miracle Gro

(same as above)

43. Some Redheads Drop It Like It’s Hot

ad for: Sun Drop Soft Drink

ad for: Hot Pockets Snackables

ad for: Prego Spaghetti Sauce

ad for: Coca Cola

ad for: Nivea Hair Care

ad for: Mahou Premium Light Beer

44. Some Redheads Are In The Form of a Celebrity

ad for: Mott’s (Marcia Cross)

ad for: Finesse Shampoo (Angie Everhart)

ad for: L’Oreal Feria Hair Color (Milla Jovavich)

ad for: Johnnie Walker Red Label

ad for: Poloroid

ad for: Gap (Laura Prepon)

Debra Messing (Natural Instincts Hair Color)
See Commercial Below

45. …In Fun-Size,

ad for: Skippy Peanut Butter

ad for: Dorito’s

ad for: Capital One

ad for: Tide

ad for: Dove Shampoo

46. …Walk on Four Legs,

ad for: 9 Lives Cat Food

ad for: Wonderful Pistachios

ad for: Bush’s Baked Beans

47. …or in the form of a cyborg.

ad for: Kia Forte

48. Redheads Take Care Of Their Skin

ad for: Garnier Skincare BB Cream

ad for: Kohler/Moxie Showerhead

49. Redheads Travel

ad for: Gain Fireworks Scent Booster

ad for: Hotwire.com

50. Vision Is Very Important To Redheads

ad for: Pearle Vision

ad for: Sears Optical

51. Redheads Never underestimate the importance of windshield glass repair.

ad for: Safelite AutoGlass

52. Redheads Are All About Improving Their Brain Power.

ad for: luminosity.com

53. Young Redheads Like to be Prepared For School.

ad for: Target Back to School

ad for: Five Star Folders

ad for: Burlington Coat Factory

54. Redheads Have Concerns About The Shade of Their Teeth.

Crest 3D White Arctic Fresh Toothpaste

Crest 3D White Luxe

55. Redheads Go On Dates

ad for: Hyundai

ad for: Tuborg Beer

56. …Some Prefer The Speed Method.

57. …And Some Take The Solo Method… (though, not by choice)

ad for: Fiber One Brownies

58. …While The Lonely Ones Try to Find Love Online.

ad for: Zoosk Onine Dating

59. …Or at The Workplace.

ad for: Chili’s

ad for: Leon’s Furniture

60. …But be Careful if You Are a Snack, a Redhead Date May Devour You.

ad for: M&M’s

61. …or worse

ad for: Orkin Pest Control

…I Wish It Upon No Redhead to Experience This: (just watch)

62. Redheads May or May Not Want Offspring.

ad for: Mirena

63. …While Some Have Their Minds Made Up.

ad for: Zazoo Condoms

64. …So They Practice Safely.

ad for: Trojan Condoms

65. In The Event That They DO Want Offspring, Redheads Will Want to Get it on.

ad for: Zoosk Online Dating Site

ad for: Nice n’ Natural Hair Color

ad for: Kingston Diamonds

ad for: Sony Vaio

66. …And will try to get it wherever and whenever they can.

ad for: Oscar Meyer

So, I hereby challenge you. The next time you are channel surfing while playing couch commando, Watch and see just how many ads feature redheads.

Mind. Blown.

You’re Welcome.

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