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How To Know You Were AZN In The Late 90's And Early 2000's

We've all been there. If you're a friend of mine that is of Asian descent there is a good chance you were once an AZN. Now I don't know the technical term for AZN but I do know that one of the definitions would be: AZN - Asians who spelled the word "Asian" like this: AZN.. As well as this list below:

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3. Planners. Yep. You all had one. We weren't even that busy! But it was imperative we carried our planners around. For what though? Exactly. It was a necessary accessory for all AZNs though.


5. Sanrio. Yep! This brand is widely popular til this day. Back then however, it was more popular. Boys and Girls both couldn't stop by the mall without going to this store first. Girls thought it was cute. Guys bought it to show their "soft" side.


6. This may have been legit or some of them may have been stolen. The point of having a "box" was so that people can call and leave you a voicemail. If you had one of these. You were AZN. The sad part is.. today we all have voicemail and I can guarantee majority don't even check that.


7. We all had that one sibling/cousin/friend who would break dance. We would be excited to go to someones garage or basement to watch their new moves. Yep. We did that. Yep. You did that!


8. You hung out in the late 90s and Early 2000s? You're a guy? You had this. It was the universal smell for all AZNS! It was great!

Also acceptable answers: CK One, Nautica Sport, Tommy Hilfiger cologne


9. We all had one. It was the Facebook before Facebook! It taught some of us how to program. It taught some of us how to use HTML. It was awesome. Well it was back then. The worst part though.. When someones page was "Under Construction"

Also Acceptable: Xanga


10. Nothing. I mean nothing. Can express to one AZN boy to one AZN girl how they feel about them like Jonny Angel can. That girl will ALWAYS have that guys shoulder to cry on.. how do we know? Read it!


12. You made CDs for that significant other. Not just any type of CD. It was a CD full of "Slow Jamz" A mix of various artist that helped express how you feel to that one special person.


13. KSWISS. A must have shoe for any AZN guy. We can wear it with our khakis if we're going to a cotillion or with jeans if we're going to go break dancing. Either way. An AZN must have.

Outfit: White Kswiss, Oversized button down shirt or polo with khakis. as well as your ski goggles. Because it was the summer. We needed to have ski goggles.


16. You knew you were AZN if you would write a note like...

SuP Ma ... WHaTCHa DoiN ToNiGHT? WaNT To CHiLL L8ta?

Also an acceptable answer: Talked in Alphanumerics. A=8 B=8 C=6 D=0 ... (we were good at figuring that stuff out for sure... "8177-1-121647" ?)


17. We were not doctors back then. Not one bit. We sure did have pagers though. It was the best to communicate with your friends. It was the text messaging before text messaging. We even had new shiny cases for them!


18. HOT IMPORT NIGHTS. White out those KSWISS' kids! It was time to go to HIN aka Hot Import Nights. You may have a friend who entered their car, a famous racer from Killa Kali was in town, or maybe you just wanted to see the ladies wear close to nothing. Either way. Every AZN who was any AZN was associated with HIN in some form or another.


19. You weren't full blown AZN until you had your own little "crew" of friends. Guys/Girls. You guys would hang out on the weeknights/weekends. When another fellow AZN would see you.. they knew that your "crew" wasn't too far behind. You were well represented.


20. PICTURES. AZNs knew no matter where you were. It was to be expected you'd be taking pictures. Now don't get me wrong we do that today. Back then though we used a real camera and had to get them developed. Oh and if you were an AZN boy. Dont forget. Smiling was not a good idea. Never smile. Always look "hard."


22. Colored Contacts. Brown was boring back then. If you wanted to be AZN it was important that you had a HAZEL eye color... or why don't we go crazy and get aqua? Either way. We all had NOT natural eye colors thanks to colored contacts.


23. Sorta Blonde Hair. Nothing says you're AZN like having orange hair. Wasn't supposed to be orange. It was supposed to be blonde. That kid in the white tank top probably wanted his hair to be blonde. He failed. Regardless, he's AZN. Bet if he wasn't in the pool he'd be wearing White KSwiss.

Oh! and girls? Your hair was the same. You just couldn't stand having black hair. AZN girls had to also make their hair various colors of yellow or orange. It was the AZN Way


Look, this list was just for fun. Hopefully no one got offended. Being AZN will always be a part of the Asian history whether you're from the Midwest, East Coast, or West Coast. I know that I may have left out a few things but this was what I was given to work with. I'm pretty sure we all did our own things that made us AZNs. The point is (hopefully) majority of us grew out of this phase.

If not.. cant knock the hustle. yOu Do YouR AzN ThaNg!

UPDATE! A good friend of mine made a blog with a few additional items. Click below! (h/t Jeni!)

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