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    17 Of The Best Tweets About "Making A Murderer"

    I don't know who killed Teresa Halbach, but I do know I'm never visiting Manitowoc County.


    [cops from Making a Murderer doing a lineup] COP 1: is it the guy in the "Murderer" shirt WITNESS: no COP 2: read the shirt we made him wear


    The most heartbreaking part of Making a Murderer is the way that one lady pronounced it "Rahv 4."


    If you were to cover up a car so no one would see it, would you use 7 teeny tiny sticks? Is that efficient? #MakingAMurderer


    If the end of #MakingAMurderer isn't Steven Avery drag racing a solid gold Ferrari and listening to NWA there is no justice in the world


    The most suspenseful part of Making A Murder was wondering when these two certified babes were gonna make out.


    Making a Murderer Drinking Game: Drink every time an Avery says "yeah" 😜😂


    I'm going to get a locker in 2016 just to put this up: #MakingAMurderer



    Binge watching #MakingAMurderer on @netflix. So far, Rick Moranis is one lousy defense attorney.


    What if #MakingAMurderer is just an elaborate way to teach the world how to pronounce "Manitowoc"


    Six things I learnt from watching #MakingAMurderer on #Netflix


    The pitch of Ken Kratz's voice is the complete opposite of whatever turns you on in this world. #MakingAMurderer


    Worst people in #MakingAMurderer Rankings 1. Len Kachinsky's barber 2. Len Kachinsky 3. Ken Kratz 4. Judge Willis 5. Mike Halbach, oddly...


    Somebody dm me who killed the chick on "Making a Murderer" because I can't take this anymore..


    If I could only put that energy and time I used to binge watch Making a Murderer into actually becoming a better human being.


    Making a Murderer monopoly looks good fun..


    It says a lot when the fact that Steven Avery doesn't even own underwear ISN'T the weirdest part of the trial