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Monopoly Revisted

Some alternative versions of one of the worlds most beloved board games.

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"Ghettopoly" is a version of the popular board game "Monopoly" that was banned on Ebay and subsequently went out of print. The 4 railroads were changed to liquor stores and the other properties were changed to a massage parlor, peep show and pawn shop.

"Community Chest" and "Chance" are called "Ghetto Stash" and "Hustle" cards, while tax spaces were replaced by police shakedown and carjacking spaces.

Instead of traditional houses and hotels, players now strive to build crack houses and projects.

Game pieces include:

1. Pimp

2. Ho

3. 40 oz

4. Machine Gun

5. Pot Leaf

6. Crack Rock

7. Basketball.


For the true Metallica fan. Pass go through historic Metallica events and locations around the board such as club shows, festivals, studios, childhood homes and other landmarks!

"Community Chest" and "Chance" cards replaced by "Binge and Purge" or "Jump in the Fire" cards.

Game pieces include:

1. Kill 'Em All Hammer

2. Justice Scales

3. St. Anger Fist

4. Black Album Snake

5. Ninja Star

6. Jump in the Fire Demon

(Additional board game pieces sold separately)


Properties renamed to reflect various Heinz products like sauces, condiments, gravies, etc.

Railroads have been changed to "Boxcars"

"Community Chest" and "Chance" cards retain original names.

Game pieces include:

1. Heinz Logo

2. Ketchup Bottle

3. Heinz 57 Logo

4. Early Era Delivery Truck

5. Pickle

6. Heinz Tomato Guy

This is most likely a promotional version and very rare.


You could have gotten this Snap-On Tools collectors edition version in the year 2000 simply by purchasing the 8 piece screwdriver set from a Snap-On tool salesman.

Properties have been renamed to reflect certain tools.

Houses are "Repair Shops" and Hotels are "Dealerships" in this version.

Railroads were changed to "Sales" and "Delivery Vans"

Utilities were changed to "Franchise Opportunity 1" and "Franchise Opportunity 2"

Pieces include:

1. Socket

2. Diagnostic Scanner

3. Snap On Tool Box

4. Hammer

5. Impact Wrench

6. Delivery / Sales Van

7. Air Ratchet

8. Combination Wrench

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