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Millennials And Politics

A brief profile of a millennial that actually cares.

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The political landscape today is looking younger and younger. As more millennials are exercising their democratic liberties, the process has taken some by complete intrigue. Aurelio Anderson is a 21 year old student and resident of Florida and is also an active lobbyist. It must be noted that Anderson is an immigrant and was naturalized as a citizen at an early age when his family legally migrated to the United States from Haiti.

This was a major influence to incubating Anderson’s political interest. His immigration story is one of millions of American citizens today that demand practical immigration reform. The B.R.I.D.G.E act or (Bar Removal of Individuals who Dream of Growing our Economy) is just one of the hopeful bipartisan legislation that groups of concerned citizens are using as a catalyst to protect DACA recipients.

Anderson has been very vocal on platforms throughout Florida about immigration. His letter to the editor of the Miami Herald can be read below. There are economical and social repercussions to painting the narrative of all immigrants as just potential criminals. Anderson alongside many other politically active youths are fighting to draw a line in the sand.

With constant engagement with our political system, we can be sure to see this young man and many other young people hold their leaders accountable for the promises they feed their constituents.

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