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      The moreIthink about it the moreIcan’t help but quietly smile at the bluntness of these ads. It’s better than carefully suggestive half baked PC sexual references that whisper “let me mind fock you”. Plus, ad agencies are playing all sorts of angles to level with consumers: tongue in cheek mockery, satire, snippets of situational humor, viral-ism, etc.etc.
      Watta isn’t really playing an angle. Watta just walked up to the table and layed the cards down. Here you go, it’s some open legged holywood-ish girl. Look at her va-oops. Watta water is in your way, isn’t it. Hehe.
      Maybe this is nothing new in Guatemala but sometimes it takesakid to tell the truth. Or Watta is stupid likeafox.Ibet some ad agency stateside is looking at this, wondering how they can polish it up, addadash of humor, and turn it intoa”we are so down to earth you should like our brand” ad.

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