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12 Things We Did Pre-Google That Kids Today Won't Understand

"Mom, what's this mean?" "I don't know." "OK."

1. Rifle through the library's card catalog to find the Dewey numbers for the books you had to check out.

2. Browse old newspaper articles by poring over reels of microfilm.

3. Begin your research assignment by consulting your 30-volume set of hardcover encyclopedias.

4. Feel around a globe to pinpoint the latitude and longitude of your hometown.

5. Surround yourself in a spread of open books and photocopies whenever you had to write a paper.

6. Unfold a paper map (or ask a stranger for directions) every time you got lost.

7. Find out what movies were playing on TV through newspapers and print magazines.

8. Argue endlessly about lyrics, and only know the real words to songs if they came with the album.

9. Peel open a heavy dictionary using the thumb index to look up a single word.

10. Learn how to navigate the ~information superhighway~ through celebrity-guided VHS tapes.

11. Look up numbers and addresses in an ancient tome called the phone book...

12. ...and if you didn't have a phone book, you'd have to dial 4-1-1, sometimes from a payphone. The horror!

From Search to Maps, Google's transformed our day-to-day lives. What's next? Pixel, a phone by Google.