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10 Reasons JGL Is Our Generation's Da Vinci

The original Renaissance man and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have more in common than you might think. Watch JGL and all of his many talents on HITRECORD ON TV, only on Pivot TV.

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1. Both have a knack for writing.

Marc Piasecki / Getty Images

Among many things he has written over the years, JGL penned the script for his first feature directorial debut, Don Jon, which came out this past fall.

Da Vinci kept journals filled with thousands of pages of notes on his studies of engineering, art, and architecture.

2. Da Vinci was a child star too!

3rd Rock From The Sun / NBC / Via

JGL was 15 when he landed his first major recurring role on 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Da Vinci was 14 when he started his artist apprenticeship with Verrocchio, an Italian sculpture and painter.

8. Both have started a revolution.

It's obvious that JGL is more than just a pretty-faced Hollywood actor. His relentlessness and determination in bringing artists together to generate mini-masterpieces truly is an inspiration.

The innovative da Vinci was years ahead of his time, and will never be forgotten in history. He started a scientific revolution and changed the way scientists conducted their research.

10. They're INVENTORS.


JGL has spent years developing the format for his new variety show, HITRECORD ON TV, which is an open collaborative process. It's unlike any other TV show out there!

Da Vinci's inventions were famous for being ahead of their time.

Watch the trailer for HITRECORD ON TV here.

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