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14 Times Fat Amy Had All The Answers

She's wrestled crocodiles and dingoes simultaneously, and now she's giving life advice. See Fat Amy's triumphant return in Pitch Perfect 2, Now Playing in theaters.

1. When she taught us to own our self-image.

2. When she came in hot on the stair sled...

...and taught us that confidence is all you need to stick the landing.

3. When she exemplified self-discipline.

4. When there was a tiny hitch in the opening number, and she had to think fast...

...she taught us that true grace is making the best of a bad situation.

5. When she checked to make sure the whole team was ready to perform.

6. When she taught us that the art of dance is, at most, pants optional.

7. When she knew her limits and wasn't afraid to say so.

8. Then, later, when she wasn't afraid to test those limits.

9. When her rhetorical questions really made us think.

10. When she taught us that the first step to solving a problem is naming that problem.

11. When she committed to the full-body celebration.

12. When she kept her poise as this dude was putting his fingers up in her face:

13. When she taught us how to take a strong position, but keep your options open.

14. And when she reminded us to always look on the bright side.

See Fat Amy and the rest of the Barden Bellas crush it in Pitch Perfect 2, in theaters May 15.