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International Relations According To “Pitch Perfect 2”

"Everything I need to know about worldwide diplomacy, I learned from the Barden Bellas." See the Bellas go global in Pitch Perfect 2, Now Playing in theaters.

1. When traveling abroad, Americans have a tendency to stick out.

2. Be aware of this fact, as well as the global perception of Americans.

3. Try to speak the native tongue.

4. Try to know a little something about the local culture as well.

5. Keep in mind that beauty standards vary widely from region to region.

6. What is considered "formal wear" will also vary according to nation.

7. Facial expressions, however, are fairly uniform across cultural boundaries.

8. Try to avoid engaging in displays of American exceptionalism.

9. Be aware that, when speaking with people who know English as a second language, conversations can get quite literal.

10. Even if a new culture appears scary at first...

11. ...the best thing to do is to jump right in and immerse yourself in it.

12. Finally, enjoy the beauty and excitement of your trip abroad.

All images courtesy of Universal Pictures

See the Barden Bellas take on the world in Pitch Perfect 2, in theaters May 15.