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    • pistachio12

      I can understand your frustration over being attacked because you don’t want to pick sides, and I don’t want to add to any negativity directed your way, but I have two gripes with your article: 1) I know being a TV critic isn’t as amazing as everyone else makes it out to be, but as Alan Sepinwall says himself, you are getting paid to watch television (and really the more thing is write about it). You sound hurt that some critics had to spend their Sunday watching TV just to get out reviews for people, but how many other people had to spend their Sunday working while not watching TV the whole time. Again, I can understand that it is not a perfect situation, but your frustration reeks more of entitlement than legitimate grief. 2) Netflix might have agreed to release the show on Memorial Day weekend more for the benefit of the many people who could use that extra day on Monday to watch all of the show. Remember the show is not catered to the few reviewers, but the fan base that grew after its cancellation and helped make it such a cult hit. I hope hate doesn’t come your way any more and you get to enjoy the new season in peace three months down the road. I too thought Development Arrested was a perfect series finale, but this season to me feels less of a rehash and more as an examination of what happens when the family falls apart.

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