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    • PissedOff

      This is stupid on so many levels thatIdon’t know where to start. First off,Ifind it completely unproductive for members of Congress from both parties to say/write/do things that are solely for the purpose of attempting to shame/humiliateacolleague. Would you ever takeatranscript fromavoice recording of one of your co-workers, mark it up with snide comments, and post it for all of your colleagues to see?Ithink not, as you more than likely would find yourself in your boss’s office getting severally reprimanded if not fired. Secondly, doesn’t this smug twit have anything better to do?Ihighly doubt that the majority of his constituents would find this asavaluable use of their EMPLOYEE’S time. Lastly,Iwould like to see how this lightweight would do on an economics exam written and graded by me. The very sad thing is thatIwould wager that more than half of the Democrats in Congress would getabig fatFon it, which is much scarier for all of us considering the financial condition of the country right now.

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