The 16 People You Encounter On Snapchat

Things wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining, or frustrating, without these Snappers at the helm.

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2. The Storyteller

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Someone who shares stories, then adds to those stories, and then shares more stories. You can let all your friends know that you are doing laundry, heading to the gym, and going grocery shopping. You are a true Snapchat Hero.

4. The 12X Zoom

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Nothing worse than a fully zoomed in photo from 30ft away. You stare at your screen for 8 seconds trying to decipher the picture as if it were Egyptian hieroglyphics.

9. The Rockstar


There's nothing worse than receiving a Snapchat of someone's view from Section 518 at the Eminem concert. Your speaker sounds like its going to explode and the quality is worse than VHS.

10. Happy Hour / Hungover


Drinks! Shots! Bottle Service! Any time after 5 o'clock is fair game, and eventually, things will morph into a "I woke up like dis #hungover" snap.

Things start like this:

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If you're a drunk snapper, you may wake up the next day with no recollection of the 10 pictures you sent last night. Pray that your sins will disappear just like the snaps. (They won't, and they don't).

11. Shock & Awe

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Thank you for the pooping snaps. Thank you for the nude snaps. And a special thanks for covering me in pink penises while I was sleeping. You disturb, embarrass, and entertain me...sometimes, all at once.

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