The 16 People You Encounter On Snapchat

Things wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining, or frustrating, without these Snappers at the helm.

1. Double Trouble

Just in case you missed that snap video of Gus the Cat, you can rewatch it as a story for 24 hours. Have fun.

Warner Bros / Via

A Double Trouble thinks “Story” and “Snap” are one in the same.

Seeing this:

Expecting this:

Getting this:


2. The Storyteller

Someone who shares stories, then adds to those stories, and then shares more stories. You can let all your friends know that you are doing laundry, heading to the gym, and going grocery shopping. You are a true Snapchat Hero.

Marvel / Via
Castle Rock / Via

If you’re still watching a story after 20 seconds, do yourself a favor and lift your thumb.

Warner Bros / Via

3. Wut?

Inexplicable and incomprehensible. No idea why this picture exists.

Miramax / Via

The caption is as unnecessary as the picture.

4. The 12X Zoom

Nothing worse than a fully zoomed in photo from 30ft away. You stare at your screen for 8 seconds trying to decipher the picture as if it were Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Universal / Via

The meaning is lost, but the snapper just can’t let it go.

5. The Chatterbox

After 8 duck-faces and 3 head tilts, you’re ready to pull your hair out…At least that’ll make for an interesting snap video.

6. The Selfie

We’re all guilty.

Caption reads: “Haiiii friends”

Waner Bros / Via

7. The Meteorologist

There’s always someone who thinks they’re on Eyewitness News reporting on the flurries outside their window.

And don’t you dare use that Fahrenheit Filter.

8. CARaoke

Usually involves the snapper behind the wheel while singing some sort of song. To avoid this, just keep your sound off…ringers are annoying anyway.


Also, don’t snap and drive.

9. The Rockstar

There’s nothing worse than receiving a Snapchat of someone’s view from Section 518 at the Eminem concert. Your speaker sounds like its going to explode and the quality is worse than VHS.

Crazy concept: Put your phone down and WATCH the show.

10. Happy Hour / Hungover

Drinks! Shots! Bottle Service! Any time after 5 o’clock is fair game, and eventually, things will morph into a “I woke up like dis #hungover” snap.

Things start like this:

Then get to this:

And end like this:

If you’re a drunk snapper, you may wake up the next day with no recollection of the 10 pictures you sent last night. Pray that your sins will disappear just like the snaps. (They won’t, and they don’t).

11. Shock & Awe

Thank you for the pooping snaps. Thank you for the nude snaps. And a special thanks for covering me in pink penises while I was sleeping. You disturb, embarrass, and entertain me…sometimes, all at once.

DO NOT OPEN THESE IN PUBLIC…or at the very least, turn your brightness down.

12. The Happy Couple

Can we not?

Roc-a-Fella, Def Jam / Via

Much more refreshing. Well played, sir.

13. Pablo Picasso

The snapper who can’t just take a picture. Picassos want every photo to look like “Starry Night,” even if it ends up looking like a Jackson Pollock.

Paramount / Via

Without you, Snapchat would be a lot less fun.

14. The Scenic Snapper

Skylines. Mountains. Buildings. Sunsets. This person doesn’t do Instagram.

Jim Henson / Via

Doesn’t matter if they’re traveling the world or commuting to work, scenics never miss a snap.

15. #NOM

Doesn’t matter if it’s French fries or filet mignon. #Noms are relentless. Stop snapping and GIVE ME SOME.

Tiger Television / Via

Honorable Mention: The Snapchat Chef. But you’re not fooling anyone, we all know your secrets.

16. Bored at work

The snapper in the photo is usually tired, and in work attire. If you snap on the job, this is you.

20th Century Fox / Via

These snaps can range from “Kill me Monday” to “TGIF!!”

* Special guest appearance by a Picasso at Work

Via Snapchat View

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