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21 Ways Roommates Can Get Under Your Skin

We're not best friends. We're roommates. These are the things that drive us all crazy.

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Never cleaning up.

Disney / Via

"Uh do you wanna clean up your 4 beers and General Tso's Chicken from last Tuesday?"

Being moody.

Warner Bros / Via

"I'm not in a bad mood…I just hate my life."

Shedding into the shower drain.


"It can't be me. My hair is auburn. That's brown."

Borrowing money.


"Hey, can you spot me for this drink? I'll get you back with a subway swipe."

Inviting over annoying friends… / Via

"Nice to see you, Cheryl. Its been too long."

...who never leave.

New Line Cinema / Via

"Lets have a Sunday Funday!!!"

Eating all your food.

Nickelodeon / Via

"You gonna finish that?"

Sitting on the couch after the gym.

HBO / Via

"Nah, I didn't really sweat. It was only leg day."

The omnipresent significant other

Warner Bros / Via

"Katie has a key now...So she's gonna be sleeping over a lot."

Always getting sick.

MGM / Via

"Please. For the love of god. Blow your nose."

Not replacing the toilet paper.

New Line Cinema / Via

"Do you even wipe?"

Never taking out the trash.

Warner Bros / Via

"I thought it was your turn."

Engaging in nefarious activities.

MGM / Via

"I only do it on special occasions"

Tagging along.

20th Century Fox / Via

"Oh, you're going on a date to Rao's tonight? I'm down for that."

Using all the hot water.

"I really needed that."

Imagine TV / Via

Neglecting to refill the Brita.

Warner Bros / Via

"Yeah, I haven't really been thirsty lately."

Leaving the lights on.

Nickelodeon / Via


Forgetting to flush.

Castle Rock / Via

"Life is full of surprises!"

Posting passive aggressive notes.

AMC / Via

"To whoever keeps leaving their dishes in the sink…"

Wearing your stuff.

Paramount / Via

"I'm so glad we're the same size."


Muppets Studio / Via

"I can't believe we went through this whole case already!"

But in the end, you deal with it all because...

Legendary / Via

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