What Is A Pippin?

We answer a commonly asked question: what is a pippin?

1. A character in the American classic, MOBY DICK.

Not the whale.

2. A Gaming Console

An obscure, ancient, long forgotten Apple gaming console…

3. An Apple.

…AND an actual apple… you know, the fruit.

4. Hobbit

One of the tallest hobbits in history & Merry/Treebeard’s #BFF and a “Fool of a Took!”

5. Dining Hall

University of California-Irvine’s Dining Hall…Pippin Commons.

6. A Rollercoaster.

Zippin’ Pippin: Elvis’ favorite ride.

7. A deer.

Audrey Hepburn’s pet deer that went with her… EVERYWHERE.

8. A basketball player

Scottie Pippen, not to be confused with…

9. Pippin

The son of King Charlemagne who is the main character in…


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