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    35 Awesome Ways To Give New Life To Old Furniture

    Whether you're starting with a thrift store find or something you've had lying around for years, there are limitless makeover possibilities.

    1. Dry Eraser Drawers

    2. TV Stand Turned Ombré Bar Cart

    3. Office Chair Makeover

    4. Modernized Queen Anne Settee

    5. Upholstered Coffee Table

    6. Kilim Rug Bedside Bench

    7. Campaign Desk Revival

    8. Basic Side Chair Revival

    9. Reclaimed Wooden Headboard

    10. Geometric Side Table

    11. Drop Cloth Stool

    12. Chalky Finish Table With Numbering

    13. Pastel Spray Painted Chairs

    14. Striped Stool

    15. Recovered Mid-Century Burke Chair

    16. Kids Table Makeover

    17. Splotchy Painted School Chair

    18. Comic Book Table

    19. Wallpaper Table

    20. Leather Sling Sofa

    21. Dresser With Purse Strap Pulls

    22. Paper Wrapped Chair

    23. Leather Belt Chair

    24. Wallpaper Bookshelf

    25. Cross Stitch Chair

    26. Diamond Dresser

    27. Footstool Turned Bag Stand

    28. Herringbone Storage Bench

    29. Book Page and Washi Paper Table

    30. Faux Sheepskin Stool

    31. Faux Marble Tabletop

    32. Painted Fabric Chair

    33. Stenciled Folding Chairs

    34. Dip Dye Chair

    35. Bottle Cap Table

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