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    35 Awesome Ways To Give New Life To Old Furniture

    Whether you're starting with a thrift store find or something you've had lying around for years, there are limitless makeover possibilities.

    1. Dry Eraser Drawers

    Ducklings in a Row / Via

    Use dry eraser paint to turn an old set of drawers into an ever-changing work of art. For once it's OK to write on the furniture. Check out this tutorial for the details.

    2. TV Stand Turned Ombré Bar Cart

    Paper & Stitch Blog / Via

    Transform an ugly old TV stand into an ombré masterpiece. Learn how to touch up wood and repaint it here.

    3. Office Chair Makeover

    Love Grows Wild / Via

    Make work a bit more fun by turning a boring old desk chair into something stylish with this tutorial on reupholstering.

    4. Modernized Queen Anne Settee

    The Whimsical Wife / Via

    Transform a settee with striped fabric, a fresh coat of paint, and diamante buttons for glitz. This blogger recounts how she transformed an outdated piece into something fab.

    5. Upholstered Coffee Table

    Oh Everything Handmade / Via

    Turn an old coffee table into an ottoman hybrid using a fresh coat of paint and colorful cushions. This post has all the details. You could also buy cushions if sewing isn't your thing.

    6. Kilim Rug Bedside Bench

    A Beautiful Mess / Via

    You can spend a fortune on a kilim-style bedside bench or make your own like this blogger did, using a rug, bench, and simple upholstery techniques.

    7. Campaign Desk Revival

    That Winsome Girl / Via

    A dingy old campaign desk (purchased for $30 from Salvation Army) becomes a bright and cheerful office centerpiece with a good polish and fresh coat of pink paint, as done by this blogger.

    8. Basic Side Chair Revival

    While They Snooze / Via

    The most surefire way to spruce up old furniture — a new layer of paint and reupholstery. This tutorial shows you how.

    9. Reclaimed Wooden Headboard

    Sugar and Cloth / Via

    This post reveals the wonders of Stikwood, reclaimed wood with adhesive on the back, which makes this DIY project easy to accomplish with zero carpentry skills.

    10. Geometric Side Table

    Hello Lidy / Via

    Adhere contact paper in a simple geometric design to give your side table a modern look. This tutorial shows you how.

    11. Drop Cloth Stool

    Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer / Via

    Cover a wooden stool with an old drop cloth to give it a vintage look. This tutorial also includes details on how to make the fabric rosettes.

    12. Chalky Finish Table With Numbering

    Crafts by Amanda / Via

    Use chalky finish paint and numbered stencils to revive a wooden side table with a funky look. This tutorial has the details.

    13. Pastel Spray Painted Chairs

    The Crafty Mummy / Via

    Make old metal chairs cute enough for your dinner guests with nothing more than a cheerfully colored coat of spray paint. Don't forget primer! This blogger shares how she did it.

    14. Striped Stool

    See Kate Sew / Via

    This blogger updated a white stool with a coat of striped paint. Just carefully lay out painters tape to achieve evenly spaced stripes.

    15. Recovered Mid-Century Burke Chair

    Hello Lidy / Via

    A simple white burke chair becomes a colorful statement piece when reupholstered with striped fabric from a National Parks blanket. Check out this post for the details on how it was done.

    16. Kids Table Makeover

    Persia Lou / Via

    A drab vinyl table and chairs look contemporary with a paint job, wooden tabletop, and new fabric. This post describes how it was done.

    17. Splotchy Painted School Chair

    Dream a Little Bigger / Via

    Spongy paint and gold leaf transformed this school chair into something super fun. This blog has the how-to details.

    18. Comic Book Table

    Our Nerd Home / Via

    This blogger made over a mid-century table with comic book decoupage. You can do the same with your imagery of choice- photographs, magazines, etc.

    19. Wallpaper Table

    Akamatras / Via

    Add some whimsy to an unremarkable wooden table by covering it with wallpaper, as done here.

    20. Leather Sling Sofa

    Vintage Revivals / Via

    This one's not for the carpentry novice. But if you're comfortable building a wooden frame and skinning an old couch (yes, you read that right), you can make a truly unique leather sling sofa like this blogger did.

    21. Dresser With Purse Strap Pulls

    Refab Diaries / Via

    Replace the old knobs on a dresser with strips of a leather purse strap, like this blogger did, for a totally new look.

    22. Paper Wrapped Chair

    The Sweet Escape / Via

    This post shows you how to upgrade a vintage wooden chair with some simple paper decoupage. Pick out paper to match your own decor.

    23. Leather Belt Chair

    Sally Ann / Via

    Weave together a bunch of old leather belts to create this funky accent piece. Get the simple instructions for making your own here.

    24. Wallpaper Bookshelf

    This Is Happiness / Via

    Prettify a plane bookshelf by applying a layer of wallpaper to the background. This blogger describes how she did it.

    25. Cross Stitch Chair

    My Poppet / Via

    A cane web chair is the perfect cross stitch canvas. Simple stitching in bold colors looks modern and striking. Check out this post for details.

    26. Diamond Dresser

    Camille Styles / Via

    A gold diamond and detailing makes an average dresser a bit dressier. Make your own by following these directions.

    27. Footstool Turned Bag Stand

    Just A Smidgen / Via

    Pamper your guests and their baggage by recovering an old footstool with a fabulous bright fabric. This post shows you how.

    28. Herringbone Storage Bench

    Mad In Crafts / Via

    Make your mudroom less of a mess with this chic modern storage bench. This tutorial shows how to paint your own with stencils.

    29. Book Page and Washi Paper Table

    The Trashy Crafter / Via

    This blogger covered up a stained wooden table with book pages and Washi paper circles for a funky modern look.

    30. Faux Sheepskin Stool

    Horse & Heels / Via

    Take reupholstery to another level with faux fur fabric. This post describes how it's done.

    31. Faux Marble Tabletop

    Poppytalk / Via

    Real marble will cost you a pretty penny, but marbled contact paper will give you a snazzy look for cheap. Not exactly spill-proof, but you could cover the final result with a layer of glass or clear plastic, or just keep covering the table with different patterns over time. This blogger had the idea.

    32. Painted Fabric Chair

    A Little Bit of Everything / Via

    Upholstery not your thing? Revive a fabric chair with paint, tape, and fabric medium instead, as done here.

    33. Stenciled Folding Chairs

    Abigail and Greg / Via

    This post shows you how to make folding chairs more fun with stencils and Sharpie- and a layer of spray paint if you choose.

    34. Dip Dye Chair

    For The Love Of / Via

    You don't have to go overboard with a paint job to create a new look. Just painting the tips of chair legs like this blogger does wonders. You could do the same for a stool or table.

    35. Bottle Cap Table

    My So Called Crafty Life / Via

    This detailed tutorial shows you how to cover a tabletop in bottle caps. Finishing it off with a layer of grout keeps the surface level.

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