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    Two Cool Metallic Bracelets You Can Make Yourself

    One has spikes, one has chains, and both are great for layering with other jewelry. Vote for your favorite in this Craft Wars challenge.

    Crafting a bracelet can go way beyond your summer camp days of threading beads on twine — as these two stylish ladies demonstrate.

    First, Geneva from A Pair and a Spare shows how to make a studded cone bracelet.

    Here's how she did it.

    1. Collect your supplies. You'll need about 20 metal stud beads (search on Ebay or Etsy for the type that you can thread a needle through), a length of elastic to fit around your wrist, two clamp beads, beading pliers, and scissors.

    2. Thread one clamp bead onto the elastic. Using the beading pliers, clamp the bead down so it acts as a knot at the end of the elastic.

    3. Thread the studded beads. Work them towards the clamped end, and add as many as you need to wrap around your wrist.

    4. When you have enough studded beads, thread the other clamp bead at the end. Clamp it shut.

    5. Tie the two ends of the elastic. Double knot for extra security.

    6. Trim the excess thread.

    And you're done! Try styling with simple gold rings.

    Our next piece of arm candy comes from Maegan of Maegan who turned an everyday hinge into a fabulous accessory.

    Here's how to do it:

    1. Gather materials. You'll need a decorative gold hinge, about a foot or so of gold chain link (in any size you choose), a closure (either a clasp or a hook), and beading pliers.

    2. Using your pliers, create four lengths of chain. Each should be about 2". Keep the open chain links.

    3. Attach each chain to the hinge. Slip the open end of each chain into the furthest screw hole on the hinge, then close the chain link with your pliers.

    4 Measure your bracelet. Place the hinge on your wrist and decide how loosely or tightly you'd like it to fit. Trim off the extra links, making sure each piece of chain is the same length. Attach the two chains on each side with an open link.

    5. Attach your clasp to the newly added link on one side. Attach the other side of your closure to the opposite side.

    Finished! Wear it alone or with various other bangles.

    Pippa Armbrester is a quilt maker and designer. Follow her adventures in quilting and life on her website.

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