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You Can Make Amazing Accessories Out Of Twine

Who knew the world's most basic craft supplies could be so stylish?

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1. Twine Clutch

This tutorial by Michele Ng takes the DIY twine lantern a step further by transforming it into a chic twine clutch. Repurpose your old twine lanterns or create your clutch from scratch. (You can use jute twine for a raw natural look, and cotton twine for a sleeker finish. For this tutorial, jute twine is used.)


Cover the twine with white glue.

You can use a foam roller or a brush to apply the glue. A faster way would be to dip the twine in a mixture of glue, cornstarch, and water (if you don’t mind the mess!)

Dry the balloon overnight.

The glue should dry clear and the twine should become very stiff. Then burst the balloon. You can use anything sharp, like the edge of a scissors or a pin. It'll be downright thrilling.

At this point, you've made a twine lantern, so feel free to stop and enjoy your creation as is.

And if you happen to have a surplus of twine lanterns already (because who doesn't, really?) you can take it from this step onward to make a clutch.


Press the flap and sides down to form the shape of your clutch.

If you want it simple and natural, you’re pretty much good to go with this as a clutch. To add a little sturdiness and color, continue on by tying dead knots around the joints at the base. This allows your clutch to support heavier items. You can do this using thinner twine or string.