The 32 Best Mirrors That Are Anything But Square

Even if you’re on a “mirror fast” you’ll probably still want one or two of these awesome mirrors for decoration. Some of these you can even DIY.

1. 1. I Splash Mirror, $8-$59 (Small - X Large)

An obvious choice for the bathroom.
From Mirrorin.

2. 2. Starfish Mirror, $900

Perfect for a beach house… if not exactly budget friendly.
From Beach Grass Cottage.

3. 3. DIY Acorn Mirror

Great for fall (just watch out for squirrels).
By Martha.

4. 4. Recycled Magazine Mirror, $150

Love all the colors.
By Color Story Designs on Etsy.

5. 5. DIY Colorful Spoon Mirror

A spoon mirror? It looks surprisingly elegant.
Tutorial on Country Living.

7. 7. Who Tall Are You Mirror, $118

Do you break the Tom Cruise mark?
From The Awesomer.

8. 8. Birdcage Mirrors, $79-$99

These have a homey, vintage feel.
From PB Teen.

9. 9. Harry Potter Mirror Decal, $5.99

Come on, we’ve all wondered what it would be like…
By Walking Dead Promotion on Etsy.

10. 10. Mosh Multi Mirror, $75

Might make it hard to actually see yourself, but they definitely look cool.
From The Light Shop.

11. 11. I Love Me Mirror, $101.95

A great ego booster.
From Bouf.

12. 12. Fusion Mirror, $251.90

Modern and mystical.
From In Mod.

13. 13. Honeycomb Mirror, $438

Turn your living room into a fun house.
From Fig Stores.

14. 14. Recycled Soda and Beer Can Mirror, $35

Eco-friendly and fun.
By Before the Land Fill on Etsy.

15. 15. Animal Mirrors, price on request

These’ll add humor to even the most formal spaces.
By Creazioni.

16. 16. Clipboard Mirror, $78

Never forget those concert tickets.
From Suck UK.

17. 17. Cloud Mirror, $75

Peaceful and minimalist.
From Opulent Items.

18. 18. DIY Chrysanthemum Mirror

Yes, more spoons. Who knew they made such great mirror frames?
Tutorial on Addicted 2 Directing.

19. 19. Color on Color Mirror, $1,640

A subtle splash of color for the walls.
By Glas Italia on Mac & Mac.

20. 20. Tennis Racquet Mirror, $125 for set of three

Channel your inner Serena.
From Simply Mirrors.

21. 21. Pieces of Yesterday Mirror, $168

Has that handmade, scrappy feel.
From Anthropologie.

22. 22. Starburst Mirror, $89

Fun and full of energy.
From Shades of Light.

23. 23. Rope Mirror, $152

A nautical twist.
From MIchele Varian.

25. 25. Coco Mirror, $1,440

Made from strips of coconut shell with mercury glass. Has a sort of Gothic feel, but for a pretty steep price.
From Ochre.

26. 26. DIY PVC Pipe Mirror

Best if you’ve got some time on your hands.
From Thrifty and Chic.

27. 27. Falling Feathers Mirror, $15

Not exactly practical, but definitely pretty.
From Plasticland.

28. 28. DIY Twigs Mirror

An unusual use for your gardening leftovers.
Tutorial on Woman’s Day.

29. 29. Grass Mirror, price on request

By H2O Architects.

30. 30. DIY Sunburst Mirror

Surprisingly easy and super chic.
Tutorial on Apartment Therapy.

31. 31. Big Mirror, price on request

Because there’s no rule that chairs have to be sitting.
By Paola Navone for Casamilano.

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